About Moi

Hi Guys, I’m a huge DREAMER and I hope you are as well!

For many years now I’ve been studying abundance, the Law of Attraction, I suppose you could say. Sometimes more than others. This means that there were months, probably even years, If I’m being honest, that I dropped the ball on my studies. I’ve been quite diligentĀ for the better part of this year though and I expect the results of my focused effort are going to begin to materialize soon!

I believe what was a huge start to this materialization was my meeting with Kim OkranĀ in the summer. She is my new best ever friend. I literally prayed for her to enter my life and voila, a week later she did.

I can feel that is wasn’t a coincidence and I started this blog to be able to share the exciting future the two of us will be building together! Hang on to your hats!

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