Back To Canada

Word has it, Kim Okran will be returning to Canada soon!

Kim has been so busy in South Korea. She went there in Oct of 2015 with the intention of returning at the end of December. That seemed like such a long time to me. Then It turns out she still hasn’t returned after 5 months.

There are now 230 leaders from 100 as  I mentioned last. They have gained approval from the South Korean government for their non-profit organization. That is probably not as easy of a task as here in Canada, I somehow think.

I believe the next project could be Dream Builder Coffee Shops. How exciting is that? To be able to give Starbucks a run for their money, hehe. I know, anyone reading this would be thinking “what a dreamer, seriously”. And they would be correct. Dreamers, that’s exactly what we are and that is where every cool thing in this world began, someone had a dream, and then they decided they would do whatever it takes to follow it.

I have purposely left the best for last…… the reason Kim stayed longer than expected is because once there starting to gather Dream Builder leaders, Kim got a lead to make a movie of her book. She committed to not return until she had a signed movie contract. Yes, that is the good news, she has one!!!

First Korea and then we can look forward to there being one here in North America to follow.

I will have a very exciting update soon!