What’s Kim Been Up To?

Hey All, our fearless leader, Kim Okran has been in South Korea for more than two months gathering Dream Builder Leaders. I just had contact with her today and the count is up to 100. YAY! This is the Dream Builder Proclamation:


Dream Builder Proclamation

As a Dream Builder:

We believe in the power of unity.

We put our best efforts into the goals every individual wants to achieve.

We continuously work to become a global leader.

We will always help, communicate and make each other’s dream come true.

We always care for our members with love and trust.

We do a good deed to all people as we follow our conscience.

We help others worldwide.

             We always do our best not to leave any regrets.



As a picture speaks a thousand words, check this out…..


Isn’t that absolutely adorable? That picture was what caught my attention. It is so difficult to get things done to start new projects, anything really is hard to do all by yourself. When everyone is willing to help one another, all of a sudden, things become a whole lot easier. This is the premise of dream builder. It is Kim’s intention to help people to become wealthy. Many people have almost completely lost hope and they need encouragement and moral support. Some others have no extra money whatsoever to get started in a business adventure Dream Builder Organization will have small investment of capital options to get started and with the small investment earn the capital to invest in the next little bigger project.

Project #1 is Mongnis. It is an anti-wrinkle & tightening skin product. It is a top of the line premium quality, state of the art technology, Korean skin care product.

Project #2 is Misses Life Coffee. It is a healthy coffee infused with Ganoderma and Cornus. The company is very new. There has not even been the Grand Opening yet. It is only in South Korea as of now. It will come to North America in the new year.

Project #3 is Kim OK Book. Kim Okrans autobiography.

Kim OK English Cover2

It is free to become a Dream Builder. With the purchase of this book and with the agreement to share on social media, or tell someone, get someone to purchase the book, the purchaser will receive 50 shares in the organization when it is incorporated and will receive dividends. :)

There will be 15 businesses under the Dream Builder umbrella in the future. Each one building upon the one before it.

We all have this beautiful determined woman to thank for our future successes!

Kim Okran