Dreaming of Parking

Oh my….so embarrassing. The malls and all of the parking lots have been so darn busy this Christmas. I have never liked to back up. I have learned (now that I’m taking driving lessons) yes, that’s right, you heard correctly, that I never actually developed the skill of using my mirrors. Long story short, I backed into someone last week and because my car was in reverse, it is 100% my fault. Better late than never, I suppose. Let’s get back to exciting Kim!!!

Kim was supposed to return to Canada just before Christmas. She has been approached by a movie company, interested in making a movie from her book. The wife of the movie company owner read her book and asked her husband to make a movie of it. Kim says she will not return until she has a contract signed to make the movie. She has gathered over 100 new Dream Builder Leaders while she has been there. They are holding leader meetings every Friday.



The first picture is describing the 15 projects. There will be Dream Builder Coffee Shops, Virtual Malls, Real Estate, Lending Institutions, Movie Company, Educational. This is going to be huge. It is built on the theory of duplication. Check this out


2015-09-23 23.46.19

See….pretty crazy hey? But there it is in black and white. If everyone told one other person and enrolled them to become a dream builder, it wouldn’t take very long before Dream Builder was very well known and very wealthy and powerful!!!

The Global Headquarters looks to be that it is in South Korea. The first country to open up next is CANADA!!!!! We’ll then carry on to launch in ┬áChina, Mexico, Africa, and the Philipines. I am so very grateful to have met this woman and all of her magical glory. This is something that she said that I’ll never forget….The saying is “Give and Receive” not “Receive and THEN Give” LOVE IT!!!