Dreaming of Parking

Oh my….so embarrassing. The malls and all of the parking lots have been so darn busy this Christmas. I have never liked to back up. I have learned (now that I’m taking driving lessons) yes, that’s right, you heard correctly, that I never actually developed the skill of using my mirrors. Long story short, I backed into someone last week and because my car was in reverse, it is 100% my fault. Better late than never, I suppose. Let’s get back to exciting Kim!!!

What’s Kim Been Up To?

Hey All, our fearless leader, Kim Okran has been in South Korea for more than two months gathering Dream Builder Leaders. I just had contact with her today and the count is up to 100. YAY! This is the Dream Builder Proclamation:


Dream Builder Proclamation

As a Dream Builder:

We believe in the power of unity.

We put our best efforts into the goals every individual wants to achieve.

We continuously work to become a global leader.

We will always help, communicate and make each other’s dream come true.

We always care for our members with love and trust.

We do a good deed to all people as we follow our conscience.

We help others worldwide.

             We always do our best not to leave any regrets.