Let the Dream Building Begin

Hey all, I’m very excited to tell you all about and invite you to join our Dream Builder Organization!

I will begin by telling you a little about the founder, the beautiful, courageous, caring Kim Okran. She came to Canada about 25yrs ago I believe. It was her dream as a little girl to one day fly on an airplane. She came from a very poor family. Her mother was widowed young and was left to bring up seven children all alone. She would go to the wharf every morning and get fish that she would take to town and sell. Kim, whose name is “Okran Kim” was very sickly as a child. This adds to how amazing she is that she was able to overcome such adversity to get to the place she is now.

She became a teacher of kindergarten while she was in Korea, but she dreamed of MORE! She worked very hard for one year and saved six thousand dollars and came to Canada. She first spent about a year in Edmonton. Her English was not very good so it was difficult for her to find a job. She was running out of money so she didn’t have the tuition for school, therefore, she could not qualify for a student visa. She is very resourceful, though. She decided the only way for her to stay in Canada was to become a nanny for a Korean family.  They would sponsor her to get a working visa. This way she could save money to pay her tuition. She had many challenges during the years it took for her to get permanent residency. I am only giving a brief overview because she has written a book about all of this called, “Kim OK”. I want everyone to buy this book and read it. This is why I’m keeping the description brief as I wouldn’t want to spoil it. It is a page turner.

Kim Okran was the first person to open an International Student Center. Because of how difficult it was for her not having any support when she arrived she decided to do all that she could to help others to have an easier time of it. She has become rather famous in South Korea. At one point I think she had approximately 20 agencies all over the world. Now she was hand down the task of operations to her nieces. Her new baby is “Dream Builder”

You can imagine that Dream Builder is an Umbrella. Under the Dream Builder umbrella, all is OK, you will be kept safe and dry. It is Kims dream to help many, many people to become wealthy and prosperous. There will be many businesses under the dream builder umbrella for people to get involved with in order to build their wealth. I’ll end this post today with a Dream Builder mini movie, Enjoy!



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